Jersey. Wings

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Made of GOTS-certified cotton and GOTS-certified printing process.

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The purpose of the GOTS standard is to define globally recognized requirements.

The aim is to ensure the organic status of textiles, from the harvesting of raw materials to environmentally and socially responsible production.

The label provides the end user with a reliable assurance.

In the case of fabrics:

* cotton is grown organically (no pesticides are used, grown to avoid environmental pollution);
* production has taken place in accordance with social standards (no child labor is used, workers are paid a fair wage and decent working conditions are offered);
* production takes place without environmental pollution. The use of harmful production chemicals is avoided, opportunities are sought for the sustainable consumption of water and energy in the factory;
* manufacturing plants are under strict control. Once a year, the certificate is renewed and paid for;
* the final product does not contain residues.

composition 95% organic cotton, 5% elastic
width 165 cm
weight 200 g/m2
certificate GOTS
care 30-kraadine pesu, pleegitamine keelatud, triikimine madalal kuumusel, õrn keemiline puhastus lubatud, trummelkuivatus keelatud
Shrinking esimese pesuga võib kokku tõmbuda 5-10%

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